One wouldn't expect a game called Happy Wheels to have graphic violence. Nonetheless, players will find out that the battle of speed they face is a bloody road to victory. Your racing experience will be strikingly realistic in this not-so-feel-good racecar game that seems like it was brought straight out of hell.

It's stiff competition on the race track with the newest game from Fancy Force called Happy Wheels. It's a fight to the finish as players must overcome horrendous obstacles and risky twists and turns.

The notable violence is actually a refreshing change from other racing games where players seem to be immune to any physical damage. What was once a battlefield with god-mode permanently turned on (other than quick regenerations from saved checkpoints), the race track now sports a graphic array of death scenes when players make a wrong turn. This is exactly the effect the game's creators wanted. The main developer and artist for Happy Wheels has spoken out about his frustration with games that aren't realistic. Needless to say, he went above and beyond for his newest creation.

Happy Wheels has all the charm and development of a well thought out Flash game, which is what the game originally used as a platform. Fortunately for the more mobile generation, it's also available as an iPhone app. The game is only available in its full version on the creator's site, but several other websites have been allowed to host demo versions. Happy Wheels has many levels of its own, but players can also upload their own levels. The count of user-generated levels is now well over 5 million and continues to grow, as the game has garnered billions of plays worldwide.

The game's characters are a series of bizarre miscreants and undesirables of society that have names such as Irresponsible Dad, Segway Guy and, dear goodness... Santa Claus. Each have their own abilities and controls that give them advantages and disadvantages. Wheelchair Guy, for example, has a rocket-powered wheelchair that can fire its jets at the critical moment. There are even controls for after you've ejected yourself from the burning wreck of your car as you drag yourself to the finish line. That's assuming you survive, of course.

We'll give the game's creators this: they sure know how to make an interesting game. The characters are the best part of the whole thing. Really, how can you not laugh at Irresponsible Mom with her pathetic tandem bike she uses to tote her children to certain doom? Or how about Explorer Guy whose vehicle is an abandoned mine cart? We aren't sure how he even drives that thing. Our biggest complaint is that the violence sometimes gets too graphic. One of our testers lost her lunch when her character's leg got sliced off. Just make sure you don't have a weak stomach when you play this game. It's mindless violence, but hey... at least it's real violence.