Crafty Mountain for Android

crafty mountain

The browser based physics vehicle game Happy Wheels has made a lasting impact on not only browser games but also mobile games. The developers behind Crafty Mountain were clearly inspired by the popular browser game and created a similar game for Android devices.

Crafty Mountain is a vehicle based physics game which sends the player on a journey to bring the materials to the site of a great monument. It features a large number of unique cards and characters for players to control as they attempt to complete their mission. Physics plays a large role in the game and it’s possible to fail the mission by crashing or losing too many materials from the back of the cart.

The path is filled with dangers that can destroy the vehicles as they barrel down the path. Just like with Happy Wheels, the characters in the game can be gruesomely dismembered and killed if they crash or if the player makes a wrong move.

Crafty Mountain is currently available for Android and iOS devices.

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