What’s not to love about Happy Wheels? This interactive, addictive game gives you room to personalize as you play by allowing you to create and share custom scenarios. The aim of the game is incredibly simple, with the goal of reaching the finish line making it both achievable and mindlessly fun. However, the sheer number of adjustable features makes this game truly engaging, and you won’t be easily bored by the simplicity on offer.

Once you come to terms with the amount of blood, guts and gore featured throughout this game—you can appreciate the rich graphics for what they are. The realistic characters and physics driven design allows you to fully immerse yourself in Happy Wheels, and once you reach the finishing line, you can progress to each level as you become more skilled.

Happy Wheels is developing as a game, and there are currently both Happy Wheels demo and full versions available to players—as well as a mobile app for you to enjoy. Avid players will be happy to know that a sequel is also currently in development, meaning that there will be a new concept and series of skill levels for you to explore in the new future. In the meantime, enjoy mastering Happy Wheels as it stands, safe in the knowledge that you are playing one of the most entertaining games currently online.