Full Game


Here you can play Happy Wheels full game online. Happy Wheels is a fun and awesome game that mixes physics based puzzles, a bit of action, some adventure and even lets you play game designer a little bit as well.

Let us just tell you right away that despite the name, Happy Wheels is not a cute or kid friendly game. It is dark, but the dark humor of it is what is either going to make it or brake it for you. The idea is that your character is riding on some kind of vehicle. Like a bike or Segway for example. You then need to navigate the level and make it to the end. Now this may sound like other physics based games, but what sets Happy Wheels apart from the rest is that when you crash. Your character gets messed up in a horrific and gory way. This is sickening, but also very funny. There is just something so amusing about your character trying to finish a level dragging one of their limbs behind them. The game handles its gore in a very dead pan, straight face kind of way and that is what makes it so funny.

Each level of Happy Wheels will make you think before you act. Sure you can just try and plow through it at 100 mph, but do not be surprised to see your characters limbs all over the place. There is a bit of trial and error here and the game despite it’s very dark humor does require a lot of brain work. You have to be really cerebral as you take on each level and think about how to get past certain puzzles.