Happy Wheels 3D – Guts and Glory

With a name like Guts and Glory, this is a game that captures your attention. Guts and Glory looked to games like Happy Wheels for its inspiration and despite what some people will tell you. This is not just a clone! It is a fun, sick, over the top gory experience that will have you saying “just one more go” long into the night.

Guts and Glory has been in early access since February so the game is not finished yet, but there is still a lot here. The basic idea of the game is that you need to drive or ride to the end of each level on or in some kind of vechicle. ATV, car, bike and rocket powered chair are just a few of the things that you can choose. Each level has a ton of obstacles that get in your way ranging from pedestrians to big spinning blades! Guts and Glory is the kind of game that requires you to think, but it is very arcade in that you need lightning like quick reflexes to get through some of the levels as quick as you can.

There is a ton of blood and death in this game, but it is done in such an over the top way that as well as making you wince it will also make you laugh. With limbs and blood all over the place, Guts and Glory is a game that does not take itself too serious and if you have a bit of a twisted sense of humor you are really going to love it.

As well as making your way to the end of the level there are plenty of missions that you can do and also there is a level editor. Making levels and then laughing at your friends failure trying to complete them is really going to extend the life of this game and probably make it pretty popular with the YouTube community as well.

In all if you want a physics based action/racing/puzzle game with buckets of blood, you will really love Guts and Glory.