Happy Wheels for iOS


The carnage and mayhem is unbearable. You cruise past the burning moped of two of your rivals and hope to God that you don’t happen upon the charred bodies of Irresponsible Dad and his children. What horror could have possibly done this to these fine, upstanding citizens? Strap yourselves in tight – you’ve just entered the world of the new iOS app for Happy Wheels.

The App Store’s freshly-minted version of Happy Wheels is taking the iOS by storm. Players are sent into a battlefield on the race track where contestants are dying left and right, and most gruesomely, we might add. The all too realistic violence prevalent in Happy Wheels makes it one of the most memorable Flash games created, and now it’s available for your mobile device (but only if you own an Apple device).

Although the App Store was originally going to sell Happy Wheels for around $1.99, the creators opted to offer it for free. An ad-free version is available for the originally planned $1.99, which gives players the option of enjoying the game without annoying pop-ups. The big difference in the PC/Mac version versus the mobile version is the control scheme. Rather than use a keyboard, players will use on-screen controls that appear to the left and the right of your character. As with the Flash version, each character has his or her own unique abilities that give players the chance to explore their options.

Graphics have also been given a boost. The frame rate is doubled in the iOS app version and has fewer slowdowns than with Flash. There’s also a slow motion feature that makes any crash or death scene even more epic than at regular speed. Unfortunately, the only character you can use is Business Guy (aka Segway Guy), minus one level where you can play any of the five available characters. Updates have been promised as soon as they are available. The game developers are working on adding more characters and levels, as well as an Android version of the game.

It’s hard to really judge the app based on the little time it’s been since its release. Yes, the gameplay is very limited when compared with the PC version, but with the proper updates, it could very well turn out to be one of the top-rated games for the iOS and Android. The graphics are more than adequate so far, and there’s little lag to be had. Hopefully the quality will improve once the updates come out. We look forward to seeing what levels are integrated into the app version and what app-exclusive features the creators will come out with next.

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