Here you can play Happy Wheels unblocked online.

Whether you’ve played the demo or the full version of Happy Wheels, you’ll know exactly how entertaining this rag-doll physics driven game is. Featuring a suitably thrilling amount of gore, and an aim that is achievable yet still exciting, this game combines all the best qualities of current viral games to offer you a great new pastime.

What truly sells Happy Wheels is its simplicity. The goal is simple: get the to finish line. However, the amount of personality you can apply to your game, through custom scenarios which you can share with friends, makes it far more engaging than your run of the mill “race to the end” game. What’s more, the different platforms that Happy Wheels is currently available on iOS, means that you have much more freedom as a player and can take your entertainment with you.

Happy Wheels is available on a number of websites, although the full version of the game is currently only available through the creator’s website Total Jerkface. If you’re an Apple user, you can also download and install the app for free onto your Apple device, with the option of paying $1.99 to remove adverts from the game if you feel so inclined to. Both versions of Happy Wheels have numerous skill levels, giving you plenty of content to entertain yourself with. Happy Wheel followers will also be excited to hear that Jim Bonacci, the creator of the game, has unofficially announced that a sequel for the game is currently under development, which will hopefully be unveiled in the coming months.